Wednesday, 27 April 2011

An introduction...

Cooking is important to me – while there are the occasional disasters, it can be relaxing, rewarding, and even miraculous as I mix a variety of ingredients together and it turns into a delicious meal for my friends and family. And that’s what else I love about it – it doesn’t just do great things for me, but it’s a way to show a little TLC to the people I love.

So, this blog is a way to document my cooking adventures – from the fortunate accidents, to the planned successes, to the downright catastrophes (such as the bread dough I made the other day that failed to rise because I forgot the yeast). I love learning new cooking tips and tricks, and only know whatever I do because of the advice I’ve been given since I was little and accidentally spilled a whole container of garlic powder into my mom’s chicken soup. My mom’s first thought was to add rice to soak up some of the extra spice, and it was a good idea…not quite enough to counteract the mammoth amount of garlic I’d added, but it stuck with me. I hope this blog will be both a place to learn and give advice like that.

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